About Santa Rosa

Santa Rosa is truly the heart of Sonoma County, wine country, and the North Bay area. The city is the county seat of Sonoma County, the largest city in the North Bay area, and the 26th most populated city in the entire state of California. Santa Rosa is situated along the U.S. Route 101 highway and is about 60 miles north of San Francisco. Santa Rosa is also located on the Healdsburg-Rodgers Creek portion of the Hayward Fault Zone, an area that typically generates large and potentially destructive earthquakes. The Hayward Fault Zone runs parallel to the San Andreas Fault, one of the most famous geological earthquake zone. Santa Rosa has experienced multiple life-changing earthquakes throughout its history, namely the 1906 San Francisco earthquake and the 1969 Santa Rosa earthquake.


Santa Rosa is known for its rich wildlife. It is common to see great blue herons, snowy egrets, and black-crowned herons in the trees throughout town. The city has a large deer, wild turkey, white fox, and mountain lion population, as well. Santa Rosa’s slogan was once “The City Designated for Living,” though it is now known as “California’s Cornucopia.” The city has a clear and distinct vision of becoming a truly strong, sustainable economy by prioritizing environmental and cultural issues among their community.


Santa Rosa is governed by a publicly elected seven-member city council. The members serve on four year terms and is overseen by both a mayor and a vice mayor. In the state legislature, Santa Rosa is a part of the 2nd State Senate District and is divided between the 2nd and 10th State Assembly Districts. In the United States House of Representatives, Santa Rosa is represented in the 5th Congressional District, currently represented by Mike Thompson (D).