Santa Rosa Neighborhoods

Santa Rosa is divided into four distinct sectors: Northeast, Southeast, Southwest, and Northwest, though Downtown can also be considered its own piece of the city. The famous U.S. Route 101 runs north to south through the city, dividing it into the east and west portions; Highway 12 runs east to west through the city, dividing the north and south sides. The breakdown of each area in town is below.


Downtown Santa Rosa is usually measured in thirds. The neighborhood has 4th Street, which is the majority of the downtown area; the Historic Railroad Square; and the Santa Rosa Plaza shopping mall.


The Northeast district is known for its strong historical aspects. The McDonald Historic District, the St. Rose Historic District, and the Cherry Street Preservation District all call the Northeast home. The district also has the Kaiser Medical Center, the Sutter Medical Center, and the Wells Fargo Center for the Arts.


The Northwest district of Santa Rosa is known for its high activity level and number of sports facilities. In the Northwest, you will find Finley Park, the Redwood Empire Ice Arena, the Santa Rosa Golf and Country Club, and various other sports centers and facilities. This district is also home to the Charles M. Schulz Museum and the Sonoma County Airport.


The Southeast district has a great variety of Santa Rosa landscape, history, and entertainment. The first house built on the land, the Carillo Adobe, is located here for those interested in the history of the city. The Montgomery Village Shopping Center calls this district home, though you can also find the gorgeous Howarth Park, Annadel Park, and Spring Lakes here.


The Southwest is the least populated area, as most of it is used for farming. Besides the farm land, the Southwest Community Park and a couple of schools are located in the area.